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US Multifamily Market Report 2023 Review & 2024 Forecast

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What’s In The Report

Uncover Trends, Challenges, and Projections Shaping the Multifamily Landscape


Rent Growth Dynamics

Examines rent trends from record-breaking highs to declines, offering a comprehensive overview of multifamily rental market dynamics.


Economic Overview & Monetary Policy

Explores recession risks, 'slow-cession,' and Federal Reserve impacts on the multifamily market, providing insights into economic influences.


Navigating Multifamily Demand Trends

Analyzes multifamily demand factors, including household formations, contributing to a slowdown in early 2023.


Multifamily Gross Income & Valuations

Explores trends in multifamily gross income growth, challenges in markets, and the evolving landscape of property valuations.


Stabilized Rent, Demand, and Shifting Valuations

Assesses the stabilization of multifamily rent and demand, impact of higher interest rates on valuations, and changing dynamics of cap rates.


Multifamily Projections & Markets to Watch

Delves into 2024 projections, forecasting the impact of new apartment supply, expected changes in vacancy rates, and identifying key markets to watch.

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