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ADA Compliance Policy For Magnify

ADA Statement

Our Commitment to Accessibility

Magnify Real Estate is dedicated to ensuring that our website is accessible and user-friendly for everyone. If you encounter any challenges while viewing or navigating our website, or if you identify any content, feature, or functionality that you believe may not be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, please reach out to our Customer Service team.

You can contact our Customer Service team at 877-776-7718 or email us at with “Accessibility Assistance” in the subject line. Please provide a detailed description of the specific feature you find challenging or offer suggestions for improvement.

We value your input and take your feedback seriously. It plays a crucial role as we explore ways to enhance accessibility for all our users, aligning with our commitment to comprehensive accessibility policies. While we may not have direct control over external vendors, we strongly urge third-party providers of digital content associated with Magnify Real Estate to prioritize accessibility and user-friendly practices.

Your collaboration and insights contribute to our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive online experience for everyone in the real estate community.

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