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The beauty of our strategy is that we target value-add investment opportunities with strong rent upside in premium markets. Our target IRR is 15-25% and our typical holding time is 12-18 months.

4 Units in West San Jose

Our journey at Underwood and N 5th began with a vision to enhance the value of this 4-unit property in West San Jose. With meticulous planning and execution, we achieved an impressive IRR of 25% and an Equity Multiple of 225%. Through a strategic 1031 exchange, we expanded our portfolio by acquiring 6 units in Los Gatos and 4 units in Sunnyvale. This success exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional results in premium markets.

IRR: 25%

Equity Multiple: 225%

1031 Exchange Results: Bought 6 units in Los Gatos and 4 units in Sunnyvale

4 Units in Sunnyvale

Our venture at Duane Dr in Sunnyvale is a testament to our dedication to generating outstanding returns. We achieved an astounding IRR of 74% and an Equity Multiple of 221%. This property is currently in an active 1031 exchange, further demonstrating our commitment to strategic investment decisions.

IRR: 74%

Equity Multiple: 221%

1031 Exchange Results: In an Active 1031 Exchange

8 Units in San Jose

The journey at N 5th St in San Jose led us to optimize an 8-unit property. While the IRR stood at 15%, and the Equity Multiple reached 175%, our strategic approach allowed us to expand our portfolio significantly. Through a well-executed 1031 exchange, we acquired 11 units in West San Jose and 7 units in Santa Clara, showcasing our ability to seize lucrative opportunities.

IRR: 15%

Equity Multiple: 175%

1031 Exchange Results: Bought 11 units in West San Jose and 7 units in Santa Clara

7 Units in Santa Clara

Our success story at Monroe St in Santa Clara highlights our ability to revamp a 7-unit property. With an IRR of 15% and an Equity Multiple of 164%, this investment was a strategic move. Through a calculated 1031 exchange, we acquired an impressive 18 units on 1 acre in San Jose, emphasizing our commitment to expanding our portfolio and ensuring strong returns.

IRR: 15%

Equity Multiple: 164%

1031 Exchange Results: Bought 18 units on 1 acre in San Jose

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